Re: Ethernet usb adapter and Gnome "via cable unmanaged"

On Wed, 2018-06-06 at 18:26 +0200, Davide Marchi wrote:


In this situation, what is the output of

  nmcli device
  nmcli connection



Hi Thomas and thanks for your help!

nmcli device
DEVICE           TIPO      STATO            CONNESSIONE
wlp2s0           wifi      non disponibile  --
enx000ec6a172e7  ethernet  non gestito      --

The device is configured as "unmanaged".

There are many reasons why that could be. Possibly it's because the
interface is configured in /etc/network/interfaces, together with
ifupdown.managed=False (see `man NetworkManager.conf`).

don't configure the device as unmanged, if you want NetworkManager to
handle it.


lo               loopback  non gestito      --

nmcli connection
NOME                    UUID                                  TIPO   
AndroidS3               be19ced7-61c5-4a2a-b8a7-0ef67d1dcf88  
802-11-wireless  --
Connessione Ethernet 1  54babac2-bc4b-46fb-8012-59715f4e6c85  
802-3-ethernet   --
Hotspot                 3ec4181b-4163-40e7-8cb2-a9f51397b7a7  
802-11-wireless  --
OSPITI_WLANMAC          2155f02e-3c8d-4592-9647-7ad7a56bbb01  
802-11-wireless  --
Vodafone-34357409       7609a72b-4457-4b63-82dc-e4601afdb80e  
802-11-wireless  --

Thanks again!


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