Re: Connecting open network with nmcli is working even while providing password

On Wed, 2018-06-20 at 16:57 +0200, Alexis Lothoré via networkmanager-
list wrote:
I am currently working on a Linux-based embedded device, which
relies on Network Manager for the connectivity side. I am using nmcli
to manage some parts of the connectivity. The firmware is generated
with buildroot 2018.02, so Network Manager is on version 1.10. My
issue is the following : I have set an access point with the
parameters : SSID set to "Negative, no security, beacon interval set
to 100, channel set to 6.
I am trying to connect this access point with the following command :
nmcli dev wifi connect Negative password 123456789. Since security is
disabled on my access point, I expect this command to fail (I should
have called "nmcli dev wifi connect Negative").

However, the connection process goes smoothly and NetworkManager
manages to connect to my AP :


if you look at
you'll see, that the password is ignored by nmcli in case the AP has no

Whether that is a bug or intended behavior, is up for discussion. Why
would it be better to error out in this case?

On an unrelated note: since you are using `nmcli device wifi connect`,
have a look at
would that change be a problem for you? Or desired?


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