Question about MAC Address randomization options

Hi All,

I was looking through the options regarding MAC Address randomization, and have a question about them. A 
member of my team wanted to know if it would be possible to do a sort of combo between the "stable" and the 
"random" options. 

As a refresher, here is my understanding of these two particular options:

1) The "stable" option - give one MAC address to My_Neat_Wifi_AP_Name (which would remain stable, but would 
be unique), and give another unique address to each other Wifi AP. The MAC address would remain stable for 
each of those AP's, but they would be unique between each other.


2) The "random" option - Give a random MAC address to My_Neat_Wifi_AP_Name and to every other Wifi AP (each 
connection would always use a random MAC address every time the system connected to an AP). 

What my coworker inquired about is a mix between 1 (stable for My_Neat_Wifi_AP_Name ) and 2 (random for every 
other AP).

I don't think this is currently possible (and may not be feasible / practical in the future), but I thought I 
would inquire about it just to be sure.

Thanks very much for all of your work.

Kind regards,


P.S.  Thanks for this well-written blog-post!

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