Re: NetworkManager.log file is not generating in syslog directory in Centos

On Mon, 2018-06-11 at 06:04 +0000, Veetil, Vyshnav wrote:
When I add logfile in /etc/NetworkManager.conf file, log file is not
getting generated in particular directory.
Also nm-dispatcher logs are flodding to console.Can you please
suggest a solution for redirecting this logs from console to a remote
Please suggest a solution for overcoming this issue.


your question boils down to "how do I configure syslog".

The answer depends on your syslog setup. For example, CentOS 7 likley
uses systemd-journald in conjunction with rsyslog.

I would think, that in this setup the messages to console are forwarded
by journald, so you need to first configure journald accordingly.


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