nm-online -s errors but nnonline doesn't (and networking is up)


I have NetworkManager 1.10.8 on Fedora 28 here.

Networking is up and working fine but nm-online -s fails, even though
nm-online (without -s) succeeds:

$ nm-online
Connecting...............   30s [online]
$ nm-online -s
Connecting...               30s
Connecting...               29s
Connecting...               28s
Connecting...............    0s [offline]

I'm not even sure what causes this state to know where to even start
looking for the problem.  Clearly given the description for the -s
argument, NM doesn't think it's started up, but everything that needs
to be up for networking to be working is up.

Not sure what's useful in diagnosing this sort of thing but for

$ nmcli | cat
enp2s0: connected to Wired connection 1
        "Realtek RTL8111/8168/8411 PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet Controller (Onboard Ethernet)"
        ethernet (r8169), FC:AA:14:6C:51:AB, hw, mtu 1500
        ip4 default, ip6 default
        inet6 [redacted]/64
        inet6 fd31:aeb1:48df:0:22ad:aee3:8afb:d611/64
        inet6 fe80::f3fb:f13c:e59:fd48/64
        route6 [redacted]::/56
        route6 [redacted]::/64
        route6 fd31:aeb1:48df::/48
        route6 ::/0
        route6 ff00::/8
        route6 fe80::/64
        route6 fe80::/64

virbr0: connected to virbr0
        bridge, 52:54:00:1B:96:63, sw, mtu 1500

pc_bridge: connecting (getting IP configuration) to pc_bridge
        bridge, 46:8E:51:64:D1:3B, sw, mtu 1500

14:F4:2A:02:DA:AD: disconnected
        1 connection available
        bt (bluez), 14:F4:2A:02:DA:AD, hw

58:3F:54:3F:FC:CD: disconnected
        "The Dude's phone"
        1 connection available
        bt (bluez), 58:3F:54:3F:FC:CD, hw

BC:F5:AC:33:CA:C1: disconnected
        "Brian's phone"
        1 connection available
        bt (bluez), BC:F5:AC:33:CA:C1, hw

BC:F5:AC:81:19:68: disconnected
        1 connection available
        bt (bluez), BC:F5:AC:81:19:68, hw

lo: unmanaged
        loopback (unknown), 00:00:00:00:00:00, sw, mtu 65536

virbr0-nic: unmanaged
        tun, 52:54:00:1B:96:63, sw, mtu 1500

DNS configuration:
        domains: interlinx.bc.ca ilinx
        interface: enp2s0

        servers: fd31:aeb1:48df::2
        interface: enp2s0

Use "nmcli device show" to get complete information about known devices and
"nmcli connection show" to get an overview on active connection profiles.

Consult nmcli(1) and nmcli-examples(5) manual pages for complete usage details.

I'm wondering what else I should check.


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