ANN: NetworkManager 1.12.0 released


I am happy to announce that we just released the new stable
NetworkManager, number 1.12.0.

Find the NEWS file here:

and check out some details on Lubomir's blog at

the release tarball is at our usual location

The applet and VPN plugins don't get a new release, because as always,
the API is backward compatible. The current client tools should work
without problems against NetworkManager 1.12.0.

Thanks to everybody who contributed to this release with patches:

Adrián Laviós Gomis, Alan Jenkins, Aleksander Morgado, Alfonso Sánchez-
Beato, Andika Triwidada, Andreas Henriksson, Andrew Zaborowski,
AsciiWolf, Bastien Nocera, Beniamino Galvani, Benjamin Berg, Christian
Kellner, Colin Walters, Corentin Noël, Dan Williams, Dimitri John
Ledkov, Fabian Vogt, Francesco Giudici, Frederic Danis, Harry Mallon,
Ismo Puustinen, Iñigo Martínez, Jan Alexander Steffens (heftig), Javier
Arteaga, Jiří Klimeš, Josef Andersson, Lubomir Rintel, Masashi Honma,
Michael Schaller, Pavel Šimerda, Philip Withnall, Piotr Drąg, Richard
Schütz, Simon Fels, Stas Solovey, Thomas Haller, Timothy Redaelli,
Yifan J, Yuri Chornoivan

And thanks to everybody who contributes in other ways.

In particular, I'd like to thank Vladimír Beneš and Vítězslav Humpa who
worked tirelessly to improve our CI:


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