Re: nm-online -s errors but nnonline doesn't (and networking is up)

On Fri, 2018-06-29 at 11:25 +0200, Thomas Haller via networkmanager-
list wrote:

in this log, there is a message:

systemd-journald[621]: Suppressed 1100 messages from

Doh!  I was looking at the wrong system when I looked for suppression
messages, so of course, I didn't see that one.  My apologies.

also, there is

  (pc_bridge): add_pending_action (2): 'carrier-wait' already pending

which is the last (visible) message telling something about pending-
actions on pc_bridge device.
Likely, that one is hanging.

you would also see in the output of

  nmcli device

that pc_bridge is in fact not fully activated (but pending

Yellow in nmcli device, which I suppose is pending activation.

A bridge cannot complete activation, until any slaves are attached.
Hence, it is expected that
startup-complete is never successfully reached (because activation is
still pending for the bridge).

Ultimately it would probably be useful for the NetworkManager-wait-
online.service to report why it failed.  Not sure who is managing that
unit.  Probably not you folks.

So that damn bridge.  That damn bridge has never worked properly.  NM
cannot seem to wrap it's mind around enp2s0 being a bridge member and
not an interface of it's own.

I really do actually want enp2s0 in the bridge and not on it's own
since I like to be able to bridge VMs with it.  The last time NM got
confused about the bridge and enp2s0 I didn't have time to reconfigure
it for the forty-eleventh time and just gave up on it until I had time
to deal with it.  I guess it fell by the wayside.  :-(

Hopefully this is the last time I'll have to fiddle with this bridge. 
A "Wired Interface" seems to have gotten added for the enp2s0 interface
which I removed.

Much thanks for all of the help!


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