Re: Connecting open network with nmcli is working even while providing password

Hi Thomas,
thank you for your answer and the link provided. So it seems that it
is desired behavior, and that the provided password is ignored if not
needed. I will then adapt my binary to provide the behavior I am
expecting (password provided on open access point => no connection try
About the PR you have linked, if I understand well, it provides
connection mechanism with existing NetworkManager configuration
(/etc/NetworkManager/system-connections) and to avoid duplicates (AP,
AP 1, AP 2, AP 3, etc). I have no specific opinion about this, since
my target is an embedded device with very specific application, I am
used to wipe any remaining network configuration before trying to
initiate a new one. But in the mean time, as a desktop version of
Network Manager user, it looks like a good improvement to avoid the
lot of duplicates (which I observe on my computer)

2018-06-20 17:14 GMT+02:00 Thomas Haller <thaller redhat com>:
On Wed, 2018-06-20 at 16:57 +0200, Alexis Lothoré via networkmanager-
list wrote:
I am currently working on a Linux-based embedded device, which
relies on Network Manager for the connectivity side. I am using nmcli
to manage some parts of the connectivity. The firmware is generated
with buildroot 2018.02, so Network Manager is on version 1.10. My
issue is the following : I have set an access point with the
parameters : SSID set to "Negative, no security, beacon interval set
to 100, channel set to 6.
I am trying to connect this access point with the following command :
nmcli dev wifi connect Negative password 123456789. Since security is
disabled on my access point, I expect this command to fail (I should
have called "nmcli dev wifi connect Negative").

However, the connection process goes smoothly and NetworkManager
manages to connect to my AP :


if you look at
you'll see, that the password is ignored by nmcli in case the AP has no

Whether that is a bug or intended behavior, is up for discussion. Why
would it be better to error out in this case?

On an unrelated note: since you are using `nmcli device wifi connect`,
have a look at
would that change be a problem for you? Or desired?


Alexis Lothoré

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