Ethernet usb adapter and Gnome "via cable unmanaged"

Hi Friends,
On Ubuntu Gnome 16.04,
I'm using an ethernet usb adapter (Bus 002 Device 002: ID 0b95:1790 ASIX Electronics Corp. AX88179 Gigabit Ethernet).

enx000ec6a172e7 Link encap:Ethernet  IndirizzoHW 00:0e:c6:a1:72:e7

Recently I've installed "pppoeconf" and managed a new pppoe connection.
This caused me some problems, such as that the computer no longer connected to the router automatically via dhcp, and accordingly my change to /etc/networks/interfaces to restore dhcp automatism.

But this unforeseen, have pointed out to me, the Gnome panel menu item: "via cable unmanaged" (top right). So investigating, I've run nm-connection-editor and from this create a new ethernet connection, using the device "enx000ec6a172e7 (00:0E:C6:A1:72:E7)" but nothing changes on Gnome item menu yet.

Continuing in the investigation, going to Gnome "via cable unmanaged" sub-menu "wired network settings" and opening the Gnome native network interface manager, I cannot see any Ethernet device, only Proxy and WI-FI.

So my question is: Is Gnome Network Manager unable to handle the ethernet usb adapter or was this situation generated by pppoeconf?

Many thanks!



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