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  • applet: clear notification actions before adding new ones, Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre
  • Add WPS information parsing in foreach_property_cb, Awk Jiang
  • Putting a full web browser into the auth-dialog, David Woodhouse
  • libnm-glib, Cezary Manista
  • Interaction between systemd-networkd and NetworkManager, Paul Menzel
  • ANN: NetworkManager ( testing release, Dan Williams
  • automake warnings about "option 'subdir-objects' is disabled", Michael Biebl
  • outdated version requirements in libnm-gtk.pc.in, Michael Biebl
  • missing xml files in 1.0.0 dist tarball, Michael Biebl
  • .pc file for new libnm with incorrect dependencies?, Michael Biebl
  • Re: 2. New to debian, and the mail list, Garrison Ricketson
  • New to debian, and the mail list, Garrison Ricketson
  • Not sure on confirmation, Garrison Ricketson
  • Excluding a group of interfaces, Eugene Yakubovich
  • Unavailable, managed device., Léo Peltier
  • Problems with routing, Mustafa Muhammad
  • New Austrian telecommunication service provider HoT, a b
  • New upstream tracker bug 'nm-patch' to manage bugs that are being worked on, Thomas Haller
  • [no subject], A7sas Cuteq
  • How Embedded is NetworkManager, Richard Willis
  • Gobi 3000 (1199:901F), Jeremy Moles
  • Connman WiFi p2p API evaluation, Dan Williams
  • Network-Manager on Raspbian (QUESTION), Alejandro Covarrubias
  • Re: RFE: networkmanager-openvpn tls-version-min setting (for TLSv1.2), Dan Williams
  • Re: DNS not working on openvpn connection.....don't know why?, Dan Williams
  • nm bonding interface change MTU size, Prabhakar_Pujeri
  • Preventing nm from disconneting network while going to suspend., Ahmet Gereklioğlu
  • Only root can utilize nm-applet and nmcli as part of NetworkManager - how can other users use it w/o root?, Thomas Schneider
  • nmcli changes in version 0.9.10, Ahmet Gereklioğlu
  • Re: Launch failed on freshly compiled nm into libnm, Thomas Haller

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