Re: Gobi 3000 (1199:901F)

Dan Williams <dcbw redhat com> writes:

State: LowPowerMode
LPM force flags - W_DISABLE:0, User:0, Temp:0, Volt:0, BIOS:1, GOBIIM:0
Poweroff mode: 0
LPM Persistent: 0

This says that it's BIOS that is forcing the device to be in low power
mode.  That means that the kernel rfkill drivers don't know how to
handle WWAN rfkill on this laptop, and until that gets fixed you won't
be able to use the card from coldboot under Linux :(

You wouldn't happen to know exactly what rfkill mechanism the modem
firmware means by 'BIOS'?  And what about 'GOBIIM'?

As your example shows, 'W_DISABLE' was the only external LPM input of
the older 77xx modules ('User', 'Temp' and 'Volt' are all modem firmware
internal). And 'W_DISABLE' is simply pin 20 on the mini-PCIe connector,
usually controlled by the laptop rfkill circuitry.  You can override
that with a piece of tape if necessarry.

I assume the new signals must be software interfaces, maybe some magic
shared config register or some sort of USB control message?  But that
should also be documented in a spec somewhere. It is part of the
mini-PCIe host/device interface even if it is software based.


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