Re: DNS not working on openvpn connection.....don't know why?

On Wed, 2015-01-07 at 11:37 -0600, Dan Williams wrote:
On Thu, 2014-12-25 at 19:57 +0000, Another Sillyname wrote:
Happy Crimbles time for your Christmas quiz!!

I am connecting to a free vpn service using the
NetworkManager openvpn functionality in Fed21 x86_64.

However once I connect to he vpn I cannot resolve names anymore.

As is totally free their website isn't full of helpful info
and googling has got me nowhere.

I've added a DNS server entry in  the NM part to no effect...

ping IPs when the vpn is up works fine so I'm pretty sure it's a resolver issue.

As it's totallly free could anyone with 10 minutes spare try it and
see if you get the same result.

Now that everyone is back from the holidays... :)  As Michael asked, do
you have resolvconf installed at all?  Could you paste the non-working
resolv.conf file into an email reply?

Ok, you've sent the resolv.conf and they are identical, which seems to
indicate that the VPN plugin was not sending the right nameservers to NM
from the VPN itself.  You should see something like this in the NM logs:

NetworkManager[20412]: <info>  VPN connection 'My VPN' (IP4 Config Get)
reply received from old-style plugin.
NetworkManager[20412]: <info>  VPN Gateway: a.b.c.d
NetworkManager[20412]: <info>  IPv4 configuration:
NetworkManager[20412]: <info>    Internal Address:
NetworkManager[20412]: <info>    Internal Prefix: 32
NetworkManager[20412]: <info>    Internal Point-to-Point Address:
NetworkManager[20412]: <info>    Internal DNS: e.f.g.h
NetworkManager[20412]: <info>    Internal DNS: i.j.k.l
NetworkManager[20412]: <info>    DNS Domain: ''
NetworkManager[20412]: <info>  No IPv6 configuration

Does anything like that show up and if so, what nameservers does it


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