Re: DNS not working on openvpn connection.....don't know why?

On Thu, 2014-12-25 at 19:57 +0000, Another Sillyname wrote:
Happy Crimbles time for your Christmas quiz!!

I am connecting to a free vpn service using the
NetworkManager openvpn functionality in Fed21 x86_64.

However once I connect to he vpn I cannot resolve names anymore.

As is totally free their website isn't full of helpful info
and googling has got me nowhere.

I've added a DNS server entry in  the NM part to no effect...

ping IPs when the vpn is up works fine so I'm pretty sure it's a resolver issue.

As it's totallly free could anyone with 10 minutes spare try it and
see if you get the same result.

Now that everyone is back from the holidays... :)  As Michael asked, do
you have resolvconf installed at all?  Could you paste the non-working
resolv.conf file into an email reply?


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