Re: How Embedded is NetworkManager

On 01/09/2015 12:45 PM, Richard Willis wrote:
This project uses multiple networking interfaces (Eth, WiFi, GSM-Radio,
Bluetooth) but runs as a “headless” black box, gathering telemetry
information and providing some gateway support. NetworkManager would be
a very good fit for this device, but I am concerned that NetworkManager
may have link dependencies for GUI support, something the product does
not have.

I’m interesting in hearing if anyone has tried running NetworkManager
without any GUI.. is it possible?

NetworkManager itself has no gui dependency, and as of 0.9.10, there's a
curses-based connection editor (nmtui) so you don't even have to write
out the config files by hand if you don't want to. (In addition to
"nmcli", which is a more powerful command-line-based tool that can be
used to perform just about any operation that NetworkManager exposes
over D-Bus.)

-- Dan

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