New to debian, and the mail list

Hello every one,
 I am new to this mail list, also just a few days ago installed debian ,
 all though the install went fine, the only thing is "network manger" is
not working to well, it does pick up my "broad band" mobile usb device,
but does not pick up on the offices "wifi" or wlan connection, which is
what I want to use, the broadband usb device is very expensive for me,
and the office, "wifi" or wlan is free,  I do not know much about this,
and normally let everything configure automaticly.
 When I installed xubuntu on a different partition, the "network
connections" or manager worked fine, all I needed to do is put in the
password for the office modem, in the "security" part and it works fine.
 I would need to know what information anyone will need, if they have some
ideas, please let me know what is needed.
From Garry

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