Re: Network-Manager on Raspbian (QUESTION)

On Thu, 2015-01-08 at 14:25 -0600, Alejandro Covarrubias wrote:
Dear Network-manager Squad

Recently, im trying  to connect to a wifi wireless from python and
network manager on Raspbian 7 Raspberry isnt work, didnt work, but i
have the network manager v 9.4.0 and 9.8.8 on my ubuntu, well i think
"maybe the version is to old" but no i think maybe not i dont know,
because in ubuntu works perfectly, when i tried to install network
manager from apt-get in raspbian "networkmanager is already the newest
version" whats wrong? and i tried to hand-install and i get a lot of
problems with MAKE i got the 1.15 version.

Apparently there is no newer version of NetworkManager available for
your distribution. So you either:

- find somewhere a repository with backports and a NM version that suits
you better
- compile NM yourself (either from source or you recompile a debian
- get happy with what you have

how i can  connect to a wifi from python + network-manager on
raspbian? :( dont work for me 

Why didn't it work?

Look into the examples directory of upstream:

Note you can either use the DBUS API directory, or you use glib library
libnm that wraps the DBUS API (by using gobject introspection).

See the examples.

Note that the examples might use a newer API then what you have
currently installed.


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