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  • ANNOUNCE: gtkmm 2.22.0, Murray Cumming
  • GtkObject is gone (was GTK3 breakage), Murray Cumming
  • ANNOUNCE: gtkmm 2.21.9, Murray Cumming
  • Prevent creating mnemonics in Gtk::Action label, phan
  • Gtkmm project, Ugur Arpaci
  • segmentation fault when window closes, Piscium
  • ustring dtor, Piscium
  • Gtk::StatusIcon missing some virtual signal handlers?, phan
  • Error Cannot Convert TextView to GtkWidget, =?UTF-8?B?2YXYrdmF2K8g2KfZhNit2KjZitmR2ZDYqA==?=
  • ANNOUNCE: cluttermm 1.1.1 and 1.3.1, Murray Cumming
  • ANNOUNCE: gtkmm, Murray Cumming
  • Windows 64 bit gtkmm binaries, Armin Burgmeier
  • undefined reference errors in glibmm build (leading to a gtkmm build), Tilton, James C. (GSFC-6063)
  • Glade & ComboBoxEntry, Chris Scaife
  • glibmm branched for 2.26, Murray Cumming
  • How to configure GTKmm to work with MinGW-64?, ArbolOne
  • Widgets not show()'ing, Tim.Anderson
  • gtkmm compilation with VC++ 2010, Vincent Delannoy
  • ANNOUNCE: gtkmm 2.90.7, Murray Cumming
  • ANNOUNCE: gtkmm 2.21.8, Murray Cumming
  • Adding stuff to Gtk::RecentAction submenu, phan
  • TreeView in a tab fails to expand on mouseclick, Andreas wass
  • http://www.gtkmm.org/en/jhbuild_dot_gtkmm.png is a dead link, Jens Schleusener
  • Which IDE suit Gtkmm?, =?UTF-8?B?2YXYrdmF2K8g2KfZhNit2KjZitmR2ZDYqA==?=
  • Building demo with -64 bits, ArbolOne
  • Learning glibmm + Ciromm + etc, etc., ArbolOne
  • Re: TARBALLS DUE: GNOME 2.32.0 Release Candidate (2.31.92) + Hard Code Freeze, Murray Cumming
  • MSVC 2010 Binaries, michi7x7
  • Object copying, Glus Xof
  • Problem with Arrays of dialogs, Filipe Apostolo
  • Problem with SVG on windows, Yoann Le Montagner
  • TreeView question, Michael White
  • Segfault when saturate_and_pixelate-ing a Gdk::Pixbuf, phan
  • Problem with gtk+ compilation, Enrique Morgade
  • Re: Dbus bindings: dbus-cxx or dbus-c++?, Murray Cumming

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