Re: ustring dtor

It's not neccessary to do anything to the std::string in the ustring dtor; the std::string is not dynamically allocated and its dtor will be called with position in sequence depening on the structure of the ustring class once the ustring dtor is being called. There is no need to use ::clear() to (it's what I think you meant) clear up any memory used by the std::string. std::string's own dtor will then free any memory internally allocated by it.

On Wed, Sep 22, 2010 at 11:00 PM, Piscium <groknok gmail com> wrote:
I took a peek at the ustring source code. A ustring is stored like this:

std::string string_;

And this is the the ustring dtor:


Note that it is an empty function.

I have a question, just for my own education, as I am a beginner in C++.

Why wasn't the dtor defined instead like below?

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