Gtk::StatusIcon missing some virtual signal handlers?


	I've got something like this:

class Derivered: public Gtk::StatusIcon {
    virtual bool on_button_press_event (GdkEventButton* event);

bool Derivered::on_button_press_event (GdkEventButton* event) {
	// do stuff; return false;

In other words, I've subclassed Gtk::StatusIcon and overridden on_button_press_event() virtual method. The problem is, that the
method isn't called upon clicking on the status icon in the system tray without manually connecting it to
signal_button_press_event() (it should be connected automatically, if I correctly understood the tutorial; or am I wrong?). 

After further investigation, it turned out, that gtkmm/statusicon.h is actually missing this virtual method (in matter of fact, it has
only the on_size_changed() method). If I understand it right, it should be parent virtual method if we want to use "automatically
connected" feature, right?

On this reference manual: it is said, that
on_button_press_event() is available there. If this method has been removed along the developing road, maybe this manual
should be updated?

I've googled this report: , but it seems unrelated, since
Gtk::StatusIcon correctly emits signal_button_press_event.

Thanks for any replies and sorry if this problem is a trivial one.


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