gtkmm compilation with VC++ 2010

Hi all,

I couldn't find pointers to gtkmm binaries compiled with VC++ 2010. I need such binaries in my project, since gtkmm binaries compiled with earlier VC++ versions are not compatible with libs generated with VC++ 2010.

Indeed, the default RELEASE setting for the STL _SECURE_SCL flag was 1 until VC++ 2008 and is now 0 in VC++ 2010, as stated in the following MSDN references :

Mixing libraries that define this flag with others that don't causes crashes.

1. Anybody's got pointers to gtkmm binaries compiled with Visual Studio 2010? (with _SECURE_SCL default value left at '0')

If not, I'll resolve to compiling gtkmm myself. I then have the following question.

2. Any hints on what versions of gtkmm dependencies to use to compile gtkmm 2.16 as well as 2.20.3?

gtkmm 2.16 : libsigc++ 2.0.18 ? / glibmm ? / cairomm ? / pangomm ?
gtkmm 2.20.3 : latest deps versions? libsigc++ 2.0.18 ? / glibmm 2.25.4? / cairomm 1.9.2 ? / pangomm 2.26?

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