TreeView in a tab fails to expand on mouseclick

Hey all again!

I have yet another annoying snag. I have a tabbed application (the interface is built up using tabs) and in a couple of those tabs i use treeviews with a treestore storage model. The problem is if i delete the tab and then recreate it i cant expand the treestore using the mouse, i am only able to do it using the Right and Left arrow keys. I am compiling on windows 7 using gtkmm 2.16 and visual studio 2008. The way i delete the tabs is this:

I create a new tab by first creating a new builder object, load the builder file, get a derived widget from the file for the tab and a derived widget for the label. I then unparent them both and simply add them to the notebook. If i create 2 or more tabs of the same type its enough to close one of them to break the treeview functionality. Any idea what is going on here? I never had this problem when i compiled on debian but now it all broke when i did it on linux.


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