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  • Infrastructure | Increase upload file size limit for Wordpress (blogs.g.o) (#85), Kurt von Finck
  • increasing Wordpress max file size, Kurt von Finck
  • increasing max file size for Wordpress, Kurt von Finck
  • Infrastructure | Add Captcha for guadec-attendees list (#84), Tom Tryfonidis
  • Infrastructure | Geolite legacy has been deprecated (#83), Andrea Veri
  • Infrastructure | Commits bot doesn't handle non-ASCII names (#82), Jonas Ådahl
  • Infrastructure | Commits bot does not message invidual commits from merge requests (#81), Georges Basile Stavracas Neto
  • Infrastructure | Verify gnome.org with Google Search Console (#80), Philip Withnall
  • Infrastructure | Sync archived modules on github (#79), Alexandre Franke
  • Infrastructure | Create GNOME/gnome-books module (#78), Bastien Nocera
  • Infrastructure | Archive bugzilla-maintainers aka bugmaster (#77), Olav Vitters
  • Infrastructure | gcc150.osuosl.org out of disk space again (#76), Michael Gratton
  • Infrastructure | The Free Mirror Project (#75), Adam Quenneville
  • Infrastructure | Policy for shell extensions on gitlab? (#74), Florian Müllner
  • Infrastructure | Create gitlab-abuse-reports gnome org private mailing list (#73), Carlos Soriano
  • Infrastructure | Kill nextcloud? (#72), Sri Ramkrishna
  • Re: Infrastructure | Kill paste.gnome.org (or migrate to better pastebin software) (#52), Alexandre Franke
  • Re: Infrastructure | Migrate to better pastebin software (#52), Andre Klapper
  • Infrastructure | CoC team's references should maybe not appear in referenced issues (#71), Federico Mena Quintero
  • Infrastructure | Archive caribou (#70), Jeremy Bicha
  • Infrastructure | Reset sponsorship-committee admin password (#69), Neil McGovern
  • Infrastructure | Captcha fails to work on gnome-list (#68), Olav Vitters
  • Infrastructure | Outbound gitlab.gnome.org email isn't being sent (#67), Gene Wood
  • Infrastructure | Archive xchat-gnome (#66), Patrick Griffis
  • Re: Infrastructure | GitLab: CI failures on gcc150.osuosl.org gitlab runner due to "no space left on device" (#65), Javier Jardón Cabezas

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