Re: Infrastructure | Verify with Google Search Console (#80)

Title: GitLab

Claudio Santoro commented:

@debarshir I agree with @jbicha we should force our user base to move to a new version. Not only for the sake of that "PPA" but for the sake of their own security. We should update the rules and restrictions of our API Keys.

Also at least we could create an Official note explaining about the discontinuation of that Key, and why.

Also @debarshir, Kat (I think she doesn't have an account here) it's already trying to talk w/ Google, if you could give us a 🖐 on that. It would be awesome!

We still need to proof/explain/demonstrate why we use those restricted scopes, like the Google CardDAV, E-mail, Spreadsheet, Docs, Google Drive, etc.

We have until February, 15.

Not only mentioning we need to give a look on the changes of the Google+ API Shutdown.

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