Re: Infrastructure | Kill (or migrate to better pastebin software) (#52)

Title: GitLab

Alexandre Franke commented:

Privacy and being able to publish data that would not be easily linked to me was a major motivation in opening this ticket. For some reason Andrea prefers to discuss issues on IRC, which leads to data loss, so his response to the ticket is actually missing but the bottom line was that he didn’t want to invest time in offering a solution to my problem and I am fine with this. I have thus decided to stop using the current incarnation of and rely on other services that do what I expect from them. Your proposed solution doesn’t solve my use case either and that is also fine. It actually seems like a sensible path to follow, all things considered.

I hope this additional bit of context helps understand why I don’t consider myself the reporter of this issue anymore as it is now, but I don’t have a problem with @aklapper taking ownership of it. Good luck! 😃

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