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Title: GitLab

Florian Müllner created an issue:

There has been a group for hosting GNOME Shell extensions in gitlab for a while, but it has barely caught on.

Now, in my case the reason for that is fairly banal: Every extension has a unique ID that by convention is either based on the author's email or the code hosting site used by the extension. But existing guidelines state that UUIDs must not end with, which excludes both emails and

I think it is worth discussing whether that rule is still relevant - the motivation has been clearly to make it obvious that extensions are not officially part of (or endorsed by) GNOME. But

So is that rule obsolete? Should it be adjusted for extensions we host on our infrastructure? Should we recommend a common UUID suffix for all extensions in gitlab?

(One data point regarding the last question: I had a complaint once that a bug report for an extension in the gnome-shell-extensions module had been ignored. But it turned out that the issue was actually reported in giovanni's personal github repository (because that's what the UUID indicates for historical reasons))

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