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Adam Quenneville created an issue:

What's the organization sponsoring the mirror you'd like us to include?

The Free Mirror Project

Why are you interested in mirroring GNOME's code? What's the town/city, country, and continent in which the mirror is located? Are you currently mirroring any other major FOSS project already? It's time to give back to the open source community, which has given so much. We believe that FOSS is of paramount importance to developing nations and have a larger goal of enabling the free exchange of information and ideas--for all.

Yes, we currently mirror about two dozen projects, not limited to Gnu, Non-Gnu/Savannah, and Gnu Alpha, TOR, Tails, Raspbian, Kodi, Wikipedia, Gutenberg Project, Free Pascal, Slackware, Qt Project, KDE. We hope to continue to expand operations.

Please include an administrative e-mail which can be used to report problems and procedural changes

admin freemirror org is the easiest. This is an alias.

Main point of contact name and surname, e-mail (possibly pointing to a request tracker of any sort in case the main contact is not available. Adam Quenneville / adam quenneville freemirror org

Note: the mirror is currently already online, and has been for quite some time. We're now ready for it to be used publicly. rsync://

Location: Montreal, Canada Bandwidth: 1Gbps

We'd prefer to avoid serving over FTP, and to provide whitelisted access for your servers to rsync, if that's acceptable to you. If that's okay, we'll need the IP/hostname of the server which will be checking rsync for currency.

/cc averi

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