Re: Infrastructure | Verify with Google Search Console (#80)

Title: GitLab

Debarshi Ray commented:

Also @debarshir, Kat (I think she doesn't have an account here) it's already trying to talk w/ Google, if you could give us a 🖐 on that. It would be awesome!

I see. What did you mean by 🖐 ?

I am of course happy to have anybody helping out maintain our Online Accounts integration.

We still need to proof/explain/demonstrate why we use those restricted scopes, like the Google CardDAV, E-mail, Spreadsheet, Docs, Google Drive, etc.

Yes, I am looking into that. I am trying to figure out how best to create the video - after all I have to take multiple screenshots over the years to demo our features in blogs and talks. A video is just a bunch of screenshots, right? :P

I wonder if it needs to be a single video, or we can submit multiple with each concentrating on one feature.

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