Infrastructure | Kill nextcloud? (#72)

Title: GitLab

Sri Ramkrishna created an issue:

With designs and various others moving to gitlab. Do we need nextcloud? I'd like to reduce our sysadmin footprint as small as possible given that our wonderful sysadmins are fairly busy. It will also free up resources for potentially other services. The problems for the engagement team is the following:

  1. nextcloud is a GNOME Foundation service, and it's hard to involve newcomers behind a login wall. This generates extra work for sysadmins if we are particularly needing that person to do work for us.

  2. All our graphical assets have been moved to gitlab for storage making nextcloud redundant. The design team also seems to have done the same thing.

I do not know what the board does currently with nextcloud. But I think since they also have a board area on gitlab that they can do a similar move. So that leaves the following services that could be used:

  1. calendaring backend
  2. nextcloud talk
  3. a finer grained permission system for content.

What do people think of this? for some reason I can't summon Allan or Neil or others to weigh in on this ticket.

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