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  • [team-gnome-gr] Fwd: Google Code-In for GNOME: We Need Tasks! (Reminder), Simos Xenitellis
  • [team-gnome-gr] transmageddon - master, noreply
  • [team-gnome-gr] problem uploading po file, Georgios Stefanakis
  • [team-gnome-gr] gtranslator - master, noreply
  • [team-gnome-gr] error, Georgios Stefanakis
  • [team-gnome-gr] Assignment of packages, Michael Kotsarinis
  • [team-gnome-gr] Google Code In, Jennie Petoumenou
  • [team-gnome-gr] gcompris - gcomprixogoo, noreply
  • [team-gnome-gr] evolution-mapi - gnome-2-30, noreply
  • [team-gnome-gr] eog - master, noreply
  • [team-gnome-gr] evince - master, noreply
  • [team-gnome-gr] Ερώτηση, George Stefanakis
  • [team-gnome-gr] gnome-games - master, noreply
  • [team-gnome-gr] gnome-color-manager - master, noreply
  • [team-gnome-gr] gtk+ - master, noreply
  • [team-gnome-gr] GNOME 3.0, Michael Kotsarinis
  • [team-gnome-gr] gnome-doc-utils - master, noreply
  • [team-gnome-gr] dia - dia-0-97, noreply
  • [team-gnome-gr] Problem, Georgios Stefanakis
  • [team-gnome-gr] brasero, Georgios Stefanakis
  • [team-gnome-gr] Μετάφραση, George Stefanakis
  • [team-gnome-gr] dasher - master, noreply
  • [team-gnome-gr] gtk-doc - master, noreply
  • [team-gnome-gr] zenity - gnome-2-32, noreply
  • [team-gnome-gr] tomboy - gnome-2-32, noreply
  • [team-gnome-gr] anjuta - gnome-2-32, noreply
  • [team-gnome-gr] gedit-plugins - gnome-2-32, noreply
  • [team-gnome-gr] banshee - master, noreply
  • [team-gnome-gr] gnome-devel-docs - master, noreply
  • [team-gnome-gr] gnome-devel-docs - gnome-2-32, noreply
  • [team-gnome-gr] hamster-applet - gnome-2-32, noreply
  • [team-gnome-gr] mousetweaks - gnome-2-32, noreply
  • [team-gnome-gr] gnome-media - gnome-2-32, noreply
  • [team-gnome-gr] gnome-applets - master, noreply

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