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  • One string changed in Anjuta 2.31, =?UTF-8?B?U8OpYmFzdGllbiBHcmFuam91eA==?=
  • Re: Gnome desktop-help topics for review, April Gonzales
  • evolution-data-server - New string added, Milan Crha
  • Improving Evolution user docs, Bharath Acharya
  • [gnome-control-center] (7 commits) Created branch gnome-2-32, Thomas Wood
  • Introduction, Michael Price
  • Newbie Introduction, April Gonzales
  • New string in evince, Carlos Garcia Campos
  • Ubuntu 10.4 documentation, John Glenn, MBCI
  • Evince docs in need of review, Phil Bull
  • Re: Gnote documentation in Mallard Format, Phil Bull
  • String addition to Eye of GNOME (+delayed UI change announcement), Felix Riemann
  • gnome-applets/stickynotes - new preference & strings added, Neil Bird
  • Evolution-mapi - string addition, Milan Crha
  • New strings in evince, Carlos Garcia Campos
  • [seahorse-plugins] Created branch gnome-2-30, Adam Schreiber
  • [seahorse] Created branch gnome-2-30, Adam Schreiber
  • Add two additional strings in Anjuta 2.31, =?UTF-8?B?U8OpYmFzdGllbiBHcmFuam91eA==?=
  • String change in nautilus, Cosimo Cecchi
  • Add one string in Anjuta 2.31, =?UTF-8?B?U8OpYmFzdGllbiBHcmFuam91eA==?=
  • [cheese] Created branch gnome-2-30, Daniel G . Siegel
  • Evolution UI/string changes, David Woodhouse
  • String changes in Sudoku, Robert Ancell
  • [gconf-editor] Created branch gnome-2-30, Frederic Peters
  • Nautilus bug - need help with new wording, Paul Cutler
  • Packages ready to translate, Fran =?ISO-8859-1?Q?Di=E9guez?=
  • Request regarding Evolution user document, Akhil Laddha
  • 2010 Q2 Report, Shaun McCance
  • Re: modifying yelp, Phil Bull
  • [devhelp] Created branch gnome-2-30, Frederic Peters
  • [libgweather] Created branch gnome-2-30, Vincent Untz

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