Re: Newbie Introduction

Hi April,

On Thu, 2010-07-29 at 22:58 +0800, April Gonzales wrote:
> I'm working on these topics (just the text, no markup yet): 
> - changing the desktop background
> - changing the fonts used 
> - making text bigger
> Should I send you a copy of the content once I'm done with them?
> I'll proceed with the rest of the topics under the 'look and feel'
> section once I've got the tone and style down.
> Also, as an update, I've installed git and created a clone of the
> repository. 

Awesome, thanks for working on this! Yes, if you send copies to me (or
the mailing list), I'll review them. Plain text works great, there's no
need to worry about the markup just yet.

I'm glad you've got git up and running. Once you're happy with it, we
can get you commit access to the git repository too.

Thanks again,


Phil Bull

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