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  • [Evolution-hackers] Evolution 2.11.91 , Evolution-Data-Server 1.11.91 , GtkHTML 3.15.91 and Evolution-Exchange 2.11.91 released, Srinivasa Ragavan
  • [Evolution-hackers] Evolution Patch review day, Srinivasa Ragavan
  • Re: [Evolution-hackers] can't configure evolution as of rev 34033 due to ?, Jacob Johnny
  • [Evolution-hackers] Evolution plugin with Mono, Manuel de la Pena
  • [Evolution-hackers] can't configure evolution as of rev 34033 due to ?, Tobias Mueller
  • Re: [Evolution-hackers] EvOOolution-Communicator [was: adding an Instant Messenger to evolution to offer it to openoffice], Michael Schmidt
  • [Evolution-hackers] adding an Instant Messenger to evolution to offer it to openoffice, Michael Schmidt
  • [Evolution-hackers] libeshell.so not installed for evolution's "make install", Jawaad Ahmad
  • [Evolution-hackers] Terrible hack to allow read-only access to secure Google Calendars, Benjamin Kahn
  • [Evolution-hackers] Community meeting canceled today, Srinivasa Ragavan
  • Re: [Evolution-hackers] Call for Release Notes, Murray Cumming
  • [Evolution-hackers] Evolution 2.11.90 , Evolution-Data-Server 1.11.90 , GtkHTML 3.15.90 and Evolution-Exchange 2.11.90 released, Srinivasa Ragavan
  • [Evolution-hackers] Data storage question, administrator
  • [Evolution-hackers] Central Delivery for Mail, Matt Hollingsworth
  • [Evolution-hackers] Please comment on patch for evolution contacts access in deskbar-applet, Karl Relton
  • [Evolution-hackers] libecal problem, sandipan.chakravarty
  • Re: [Evolution-hackers] Syncing two evolution installations, Srinivasa Ragavan
  • [Evolution-hackers] Evolution 2.11.6(.1), Evolution-Data-Server 1.11.6(.1), GtkHTML 3.15.6 and Evolution-Exchange 2.11.6(.1) released, Veerapuram Varadhan

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