Re: [Evolution-hackers] EvOOolution-Communicator [was: adding an Instant Messenger to evolution to offer it to openoffice]


Am Sonntag, den 19.08.2007, 01:46 +0200 schrieb Michael Schmidt:
> So two ideas come here:
> (1) open office needs definately an email client and maybe an IM client.

...and a kitchensink. in short: no, it does not. it perhaps just needs
improved integration.

> Retroshare is a cool Instant Messenger and Evolution is a cool Email client too.
> Both could merge

no. ever tried to merge totally different codebases? "hey, just take a
look how kde does it and copy the code", eh?

>  and the atempt for this mail is, to bring both to
> OpenOffice as a new Component.

oh my god. if you have hundreds of developers with you and want to spend
another three years like the netscape 4 -> 6 rewrite, please go ahead.
and lose any market share in that time. 

> Would be nice to hear, that there is a (technical) way to port
> Evolution to Windows 

evolution IS available for windows.


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