Re: [Evolution-hackers] Data storage question

On Thu, 2007-08-09 at 00:33 -0400, administrator wrote:
> I'm trying to write a php script that will create mail accounts in
> evolution.
> So far, everything works fine and I seem to have all changes to files
> identified and covered, and all file and folder creation taken care of
> in the .evolution folder and .gconf folder.
> However, I'm having the problem that .gconf/apps/evolution/mail/%
> gconf.xml is being reverted when evolution is started up.

I really don't understand what do you mean by 'gconf.xml being

I have a backup/restore plugin which literally creates those files for
restoring Evolution (2.12) and works well AFAIK.


> I am stopping all evolution related processes, and all instances of
> gconfd-2 (if that one matters)
> I was told I need to stop gconftool-2, but that isn't running on my
> system.
> What am I missing that causes the file to be reverted, or replaced with
> a "first run" version?
> I'm using Ubuntu 7.04
> -Mike
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