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The full picture of the application is the following one:

I'm currently implementing Kerberos as a way to control the personal information in a database, that is, I'm using the concept of ticket to allow the different users to control who (other users of the system) is going to be allowed to view their contact information, (unless I've got it wrong if I used LDAP those kind of business rules cannot be implemented directly on the LDAP), this platform will allow to manage contacts as the way it is done with im protocols, where you add different relations with different users, but in this case the platform allows to have a control over the information the other users can view. I pretend to solve the problem where companies have to check if the information they have of their clients is the correct one or when you move or change your telephone number to have to tell all your contacts with a sms or an email. This way the user has control of his information and can update his data in "other people address book".

Currently the main db is running in a server with a daemon that notifies of the different changes to all "your contacts" every time you change your data. I have developed a client that is working on Windows, Linux (Mono) and Window Mobile and I want to create plugins for all those email clients that allow to manage contacts such as outlook, thunderbird and evolution. The only requirement to use the application is to have a user name and it provides the following features:

Allow tag contact information such as work, home etc...
Allow to tag other users such as: friends, family, etc..
Sync of address-book between systems of contacts that are not in the system (.Mac style) Auto update of contact data of all those contacts that are part of the system.
Management of groups.
Use of "kerberos ticket" idea to control the information that the other users can view such as just phone number, etc.. You can also create the tickets by using tags.
Export import vcards.
Sync with windows mobile throw ative sync (Windows only)

I hope the I have explained the idea in a way it can be understand.

On 20/08/2007, at 13:01, Sankar P wrote:

On Mon, 2007-08-20 at 12:01 +0200, Manuel de la Pena wrote:

I can define the application as a self updating address-book, where
the data of the contacts can be modified b y the contact themselves,
this is aiming to solve the problem of sharing contact information
when we have contacts that are not from a company or that do not have
place in a LDAP, in other ways is a RDB with  strong business rules.

Currently the local copy of the contacts information is stored in a
sqlite database

I am not understanding the full picture of the problem that you are
trying to solve.

How are these contacts created ? You use a separate application to
create these contacts ? And where is this DB running ? What other
applications in addition to Evo. will make use of these contacts ?

Will it be not sufficient if you just setup a LDAP server with no
access-restrictions so that each user can create his own contacts ?

Since LDAP is a standard protocol, many clients will already implement
it. you can just start using Evo. without writing any code; if you have
such a setup.

However, ....

 and I was planing to develop a plugin to fetch the
contacts from there to evolution, since implementing the LDAP
protocol on-top of the server daemon seems to be to much work, at
least for a first version. I would relllay apreciate any ideas to
solve the problem, although seems that using c is the strongest and
easiest answer at the moment.

... If you have a look at evolution/plugins/bbdb you can find code to
sync Evolution's personal addressbook with gaim. You just need to copy
and fit it to your server's needs, instead of gaim/pidgin.

Thaks :)

On 20/08/2007, at 10:06, Jacob Johnny wrote:

On Sun, 2007-08-19 at 23:49 -0600, Sankar P wrote:

On Sun, 2007-08-19 at 20:10 +0200, Manuel de la Pena wrote:

Hi guys,

I'm currently developing and application that I want to interact
evolution, specially with the contacts storage. I'm using Mono to
develop the application and I was wondering there has been some work
done regarding a mono and evolution integration in some way or I
should use c as explained in

At the moment, the mono-plugin-loader is untested and is
It is planned to improve it for 2.14  So, at the moment, using C
is the
only option.

What will your app. do ? You may need to use EDS APIs than write a
plugin for Evo. if your app. wants to search/fetch the contacts.

Evolution Sharp (C# Bindings for EDS) can be used for this.

Thanks in advance :)
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