Re: [Evolution-hackers] EvOOolution-Communicator [was: adding an Instant Messenger to evolution to offer it to openoffice]

On 8/19/07, Andre Klapper <ak-47 gmx net> wrote:
> evolution IS available for windows.

hey, Fine, thats why it is of interest. So you need only to bring the
RS core library to 5 frames (login/create account / friendslist,
personal chat, filebrowse, options for router)  in the gui of linux
and win.

>if you have hundreds of developers with you and want to spend
> another three years like the netscape 4 -> 6 rewrite, please go ahead.
> and lose any market share in that time.

Did not know, that evolution has any market share, yes, i wrote the
mail for an initiative, as OOo got 50 chinese developer starting soon
to code, there is a good start, if the mail-messenger client for OOo
would be a basic integration, they could take over..

And no, I did not merge code base, this is the request for it, but as
you two times said, that it is not needed and too much work, the third
reply may be different :-)

Why has EvOOolution Communicator not a QT-crossplatform Gui?

Kind regards.

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