Re: [Evolution-hackers] Please comment on patch for evolution contacts access in deskbar-applet

It looks fine to use e_book_new (SOURCE, ERROR)


On Thu, 2007-08-02 at 21:56 +0100, Karl Relton wrote:
> Hi friends
> The deskbar-applet utility uses e-d-s to search through evo
> addressbooks. However the code used wasn't working on evo-ldap
> addressbooks.
> On investigation, I found the code was using e_book_new_from_uri when it
> could have simply been using e_book_new. Changing as per the attached
> patch fixes the problem.
> The maintainer of deskbar applet would like an Evo guru to just give a
> nod or thumbs up that this makes sense, before he commits.
> Can someone please take a look - I've included the whole function in the
> 2nd attachment to give the overall context.
> Thanks
> Karl
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