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  • [xml] [PATCH] add function xmlTextReaderRelaxNGValidateCtxt(), Noam Postavsky
  • [xml] How to process errors from xmlReadMemory in multi-threaded context?, Yuri
  • [xml] Parse CDATA, seemant bisht
  • [xml] XPointer URL not resolved when addressing apostrophe-encased @id values, Marc-Oliver Teschke
  • [xml] CHANGING THE ATTRIBUTE AND NODE NAME., sindhusagar ampa
  • [xml] Missing usage pattern from .NET XmlReader in libxml2 XmlTextReader?, Sven Riis
  • [xml] Edit a document created with the TextWriter interface, Francesco Pretto
  • [xml] LIBXML_THREAD_ENABLED and HAVE_PTHREAD_H mismatch, Kwasi Mensah
  • [xml] [Patch] complex type extension cardinality mismatch, Remi Gacogne
  • [xml] Libxml2 HTML parsing, Stan Santiago
  • [xml] xmlCopyDoc and the xml namespace, Arnold Hendriks
  • [xml] Submitting patches, list or bugzilla?, Arnold Hendriks
  • [xml] Memory requirement "heuristics" for libxml?, Martin B.
  • [xml] libxml2 messed up MonoTouch and Interface Builder, James Wright
  • [xml] [textXPath.c] unable to find libxml.h, Santosh Mahale
  • [xml] Namespace Nodes in XPath Nodesets & Deleting NsNodes, Noam Postavsky
  • [xml] Why xmlReadFile cannot get all content of my xml?, zuding, li
  • [xml] XML schema based validation, Emil
  • [xml] Release of libxml2-2.7.8, Daniel Veillard
  • [xml] Fwd: HTML5 test cases, Sam Ruby
  • Re: [xml] Add new pretty-printing and sorting options for saving XML, Daniel Veillard
  • [xml] XInclude anomality ..., Ralf Mattes
  • [xml] problems with zlib 1.2.5?, higuita
  • Re: [xml] PATCH: Compare encoding pointer with a null instead of xmlCharEncoding element, Daniel Veillard
  • Re: [xml] State of schema validation, Daniel Veillard

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