Re: [xml] Submitting patches, list or bugzilla?

On 10-11-2010 16:08, Daniel Veillard wrote:
On Wed, Nov 10, 2010 at 02:58:45PM +0100, Arnold Hendriks wrote:
Dear list,

I submitted a mingw32 compilation fix about a year ago
<URL:>, but it
hasn't been picked up yet.
   Hum, is that the right bug ? doesn't look like it ...
Oops. - i dropped the 1

Is bugzilla the proper way to submit these patches (should I tag
them in a certain way to ensure they're not overlooked), or should I
send patches to the xml gnome org mailinglist ?
   well patches should be put as attachments and tagged as patches if
using bugzilla. On the mailing-list that works too.
   I cannot garantee a quick review on bugzilla, unless I happen to step
on the notice, on the list it's more likely, but I always look for
bugs with patches attached on bugzilla before making a release. I guess
your patch wasn't attached or flagged as a patch.
Ah. I overlooked the patch checkbox with the attachment. I'll make sure that one is checked for any further patches then.

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