Re: [xml] problems with zlib 1.2.5?

Hi again

On Wed, 3 Nov 2010 09:38:57 +0100, Daniel Veillard <veillard redhat com> wrote:
  Bug Fixes: libxml violates the zlib interface and crashes (Mark Adler)

        yep, i know, that is why i'm guessing this is a new bug :)

    So is there any known or new problem of libxml2 2.7.7 with
zlib 1.2.5? or should i try to build zlib with debug and report back?
  So 2.7.7 should avoid the bug precisely, but for any zlib more recent
than 1.2.4 (IIRC) 2.7.7 should work, not crash. Are you sure it's not
a problem with an embedded version of libxml2 in your browser ?

        before i build the libxml2 with debug, gdb show the
correct system lib path, and after the debug build, gdb show the
correct backtrace... so i think its using the correct libxml2 2.7.7

        also, is not just firefox, claws-mail RSS feed plugin is also
crashing, check my report when i found it here:

        and claws-mail was build my me and have for sure no internal 

        i can try to get a new backtrace for this one with the libxml2
debug build.

thanks in advance
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