Re: [xml] libxml2 messed up MonoTouch and Interface Builder

James Wright, 08.11.2010 17:40:
I tried to install libxml2 yesterday for a Ruby side project of mine.
First I tried it with MacPorts but my MacPorts wouldn't work so I tried to
download the source for libxml2 and "make" the install which ran with some
errors but nothing that stopped the install.
That still didn't work for my Ruby coding (was trying to use the nokogiri
library) so I got MacPorts working and installed libxml2 via that which
eventually worked fine.

After that I went back to my MonoTouch iPhone development and noticed that
MonoTouch would no longer work.
Now I don't actually get any error and am working with the MonoTouch people
to figure that out, but if I try to use Interface Builder in OS X it errors
when I try to create a new .xib file with this
message<>  (pastbin
The most important part of the message is this:

    1. Thread 0 Crashed:  Dispatch queue:
    2. 0   libxml2.2.dylib                     0x00000001004f9b88
    __xmlRaiseError + 888 (error.c:614)
    3. 1   libxml2.2.dylib                     0x00000001004fa5b7
    xmlErrEncodingInt + 151 (parserInternals.c:206)
    4. 2   libxml2.2.dylib                     0x00000001004fc326
    xmlCurrentChar + 550 (parserInternals.c:707)
    5. 3   libxml2.2.dylib                     0x0000000100507168
    xmlParseCharData + 904 (parser.c:4232)
    6. 4   libxml2.2.dylib                     0x000000010051264e
    xmlParseTryOrFinish + 2014 (parser.c:10990)
    7. 5   libxml2.2.dylib                     0x00000001005139bb
    xmlParseChunk + 411 (parser.c:11611)
    8. 6                0x00007fff8759bca8
    -[NSXMLParser parse] + 294

As you see, it errors on libxml2.
I REALLY need to figure out what is going on here.  My knowledge in this
area is not strong and I have no clue what is going wrong.
I have tried reinstalling libxml2 and MacPorts and have tried uninstalling
libxml2 via MacPorts and no luck.

This looks more like a general MacOS problem than anything related specifically to libxml2. You may get better responses on a MacOS mailing list than what you'd get here.


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