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  • [xml] install libxml2 without LIBXML_ICONV_ENABLED, Senthil Nathan
  • [xml] XPath from a specific node instead of document root, Jason Millard
  • [xml] segmentation fault in xmlDocDumpMemory(), Sai Thatikonda, TLS-Chennai
  • [xml] xmlTextReaderGetAttributeNs shows incorrect behaviour, Ashwin
  • [xml] Incorrect Behaviour of xmlSchemaValidateStream, Ashwin
  • [xml] RELAX NG/Schematron Implementation, barb
  • [xml] Freeing the schema document in schematron, Stefan Behnel
  • [xml] Locking and unlocking a part of the xml tree, Senthil Nathan
  • [xml] xmlNewChild(...) slow in version 2.6.16-7 (debian sarge), Dominik Raddatz
  • [xml] Query regarding IDcs in schema validation, nagesh
  • Re: [xml] Generating XML from Schema definitions (again, sorry) [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED], John.Hockaday
  • [xml] Environment Variables in XML are parsed by libxml2 ?, Arijit Das
  • [xml] Fetching default DTD attribute values., Arijit Das
  • [xml] Clarification regarding Same Null checks in xmlInitThreads(Threads.c), Ashwin
  • [xml] Pattern contstraints in XML Schema (escaping period in character groups), Andrew Tosh
  • [xml] XML : PE reference outside DTD, murulidhara
  • [xml] Streaming XPATH and xmlPatternCompile, s kum
  • [xml] Query regarding xml schema, nagesh
  • [xml] Comparing with Expat, Gokulakannan Somasundaram
  • [xml] Create a Schema instance from a W3C Schema, Henrik Frisk
  • [xml] XInclude error - detected a recursion, Graeme Perkins
  • [xml] Query regarding Xpath, NageshS 70576
  • [xml] Streaming support, eran balter
  • [xml] XML DTD validation for push parsers?, mayur k
  • [xml] post-XInclude validation using schema, not DTD, Ben Liblit
  • [xml] Line numbers stored by libxml2, Mike Hommey
  • [xml] UTF-8 validation, Norbert Lindenberg
  • [xml] xmlInitParser: Necessary or not?, Ralf Junker

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