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Thanks for that information.  I found your previous email
(  It

I'd be keen on contributing it back to the community, and even having
it incorporated into the main library if it was considered worthy, and
so that support for other schema elements could be added.

The only consideration is that I probably need to get some clearance
from my work to release the code. Hopefully there shouldn't be any problem
there since there is no business-related intellectual property in what
I've done - it's a generic solution.

Did you get clearance?  If so has it gone back into the main library?  I
certainly need something like this to generate XML from XSDS.



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On 23 Oct 16:08, John Hockaday ga gov au wrote:
}I don't think that I have seen a response about how your 
work on this thread
}is going.  Have you cracked the code yet?  Did you try the 
complex ISO  TC
}211 XSDs for your creation of XML?  Or has it just been too 
hard to get XML
}out of the XSDs?

If you check the list archives you'll see a post from about a week ago
where I gave my current status. Look for the thread:

    Create a Schema instance from a W3C Schema

In summary, I've implemented enough of it to get me going. 
There are notable
non-implemented bits, but for the schema I need to use, it 
works nicely.



Callum Gibson @ home

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