Re: [xml] post-XInclude validation using schema, not DTD

OK, that clears things up.  Thank you.

Per Elliotte Harold, I can imagine validation against a schema being useful either before or after resolution of XIncludes. But ultimately I'm more interested in the later, and Daniel has clarified that this is what I'm getting anyway. I've confirmed that myself: "--schema" is definitely validating after XIncludes have been resolved, not before.

You might consider clarifying the man page documentation for "--postvalid", which currently reads:

        Validate after parsing is completed.

Elsewhere in the man page, the verb "validate" is used for DTDs, W3C schemas, and/or RelaxNG schemas. So the above text alone doesn't reveal that "--postvalid" only applies to DTD validation. That's what left me confused.

Thanks again for setting me straight.

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