Re: [xml] Generating XML from Schema definitions (again, sorry)

On 23 Oct 16:08, John Hockaday ga gov au wrote:
}I don't think that I have seen a response about how your work on this thread
}is going.  Have you cracked the code yet?  Did you try the complex ISO  TC
}211 XSDs for your creation of XML?  Or has it just been too hard to get XML
}out of the XSDs?

If you check the list archives you'll see a post from about a week ago
where I gave my current status. Look for the thread:

    Create a Schema instance from a W3C Schema

In summary, I've implemented enough of it to get me going. There are notable
non-implemented bits, but for the schema I need to use, it works nicely.



Callum Gibson @ home

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