[xml] Line numbers stored by libxml2


I got a report against the debian package containing xmllint [1] about
the fact that lines above 65535 are incorrectly reported as line 65535,
at least in schema validation reports.

The problem here is that the xmlNode struct only stores the line number
as an unsigned short, which explains the saturation at 65535. Now,
changing this the basic way will obviously break ABI, so I'm wondering
- you consider this bug a bug, or don't care about xml files with more
than 65535 lines,
- you have a prefered way to fix the issue.

After a quick thought about the issue, I'd say it could be fixed
without breaking ABI by adding a field that would contain the 16 upper
bits of an int, with the lower bits still being in the existing field.

What would be your take ?


1. http://bugs.debian.org/445961

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