[xml] post-XInclude validation using schema, not DTD

If I run xmllint with "xmllint --noxincludenode --postvalid ...", then xmllint will check my document against a DTD after all XInclude inclusions have been processed.

How do I do post-XInclude validation using a W3C XML Schema instead? The obvious "xmllint --noxincludenode --postvalid --schema foo.xsd ..." does not work; xmllint still tries to load a DTD. Inspection of the "xmllint.c" source code confirms that "--postvalid" turns on DTD loading:

        } else if ((!strcmp(argv[i], "-postvalid")) ||
                 (!strcmp(argv[i], "--postvalid"))) {
            options |= XML_PARSE_DTDLOAD;

Is there simply no way to postvalidate using RelaxNG or W3C XML Schemas?

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