Re: [xml] XML : PE reference outside DTD

On Thu, Oct 18, 2007 at 12:46:14PM +0530, murulidhara wrote:

   Hi ,

   According to standard, PE reference must not occur outside DTD.

   Well-formedness constraint: In DTD

   Parameter-entity references MUST NOT appear outside the [1]DTD.


   If my xml document is as follows:

  can you provide test document
    - which is minimal for the case
    - as an attachment so it doesn't get messed up by the HTML embedding
      formatting (or refrain from sending your mails as HTML).
    - explain what kind of processing you tried to do (i.e. the 
      full xmllint command line to reproduce the problem).


   And here I have used PE reference paaa outside DTD , shouldn't it be a
   fatal error.

  maybe, I prefer to have a clear test case to say so. You can perfectly have
the same name used for normal and parameter entities at the same time.
If there is an external subset and it's not fetched this could be as well 
an unloaded external parsed entity in which case this is not a fatal error.


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