[xml] XInclude error - detected a recursion

I've maintained a set of procedures manuals in docbook xml myself for a few years. Now we have a small team, I decided to further split up the source for these manuals. I now have about 100 source files. Before I had about 20.

Since doing this I started to see the message "XInclude error - detected a recursion" when resolving the XIncludes with:

%LIBROOT%\libxml\xmllint.exe --xinclude --postvalid --noent --output %RESOLVEDXML% "%SOURCEXML%"

Resolving used to take about 80 seconds, but after breaking up the sources the XIncludes xmllint know takes 2 hours. (The output is about 600KB, and I've got plenty of system resources to do the job.)

Although the resolve job seems to loop around a particular part, it does eventually end and I can transform the resolved outpt into my desired format without any problems.

Can someone suggest what I can do to fix the recusion errors. I've checked up and I don't think I'm doing anything that's not allowed with XIncludes.

First post here: should this go to docbook-apps perhaps? I can send an example later if anyone wants to help. Thanks.


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