[xml] RELAX NG/Schematron Implementation


I am evaluating the use of these APIs in COTS products and have four questions.


1) In the documentation for libxml2 it says:  "interface to the XML Schemas handling and schema validity checking, it is incomplete right now."  The documentation does not indicate what parts are not implemented.


    --I am wondering if the documentation is simply not up to date with the code or if this is true?

    --If true, what parts are not implemented?



2) The libxml2 documentation for Schematron does not mention if it implements the ISO standard.

    --Does it?


3) The libxml2 documentation for Relax NG does not indicate if it implements the ISO standard.

    --Does it?


4) libxslt, it appears, does not implement XSLT 2.0 or XQuery.

    --Is this true?



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